Extra services

We do our utmost to make our customers’ vacation or meeting a success. That’s why we provide you with some extra special treats – good service is already included!

One thing to explore here is our ”kota”, the nine-meter-high “Laplander’s” log hut, home for the most unforgettable dinners. Take a peek and fall in love!

You can find some of our extra services here, but if you have a specific wish in mind, just ask! We here in the archipelago are quite good in getting things done.

Good food is simply a must. That’s why we offer versatile and delicious food services ranging from packing you a nice picnic basket to a festive dinner service. The foundation of our delicious nourishments is the locally produced seasonal food we offer whenever possible.

Kota is something else. We have customers who just cannot get enough of our kota. They keep returning to seek out the ideas borne in this spectacular milieu. Reaching over nine meters high, our kota offers an unforgettable place for parties or other special get-togethers. Next to our kota, there’s a shelter with with nice sea view.

Kota fits 25 people and the shelter next-door 15. We rent them together so that you can enjoy your occasion privately, with just your own people.

Kota, shelter, Muurikka-skillet and open fire coffee-pot, 100€/3h
For Kota, shelter and more to eat, be in touch – let’s make you an occasion to remember!

There’s only one problem here: you just wouldn’t want to get up. Ever. Winter, summer, spring or autumn, the season makes no difference: once you settle in, you simply want to sink in and keep on enjoying…

Prices: For our cabin customers, readily heated 230€, self heated 195€.

The best destinations of the archipelago from nature’s treasures to the high-class á la carte restaurants, we’ll take you there and back. Where would you like to go?

In addition to boats and cottages we rent you all kinds of things that may come in handy during your stay.

For example
– nursery equipment (bed, feeding chair, other feeding utensils)
– night vision binoculars
– safety vests for the rowboats (included already in the rental boats)
– smoker (for example for fish)

Take a trip in bautiful Finnish Turku Archipelago!
Guidance for using single- double kayak by professional guide. After introduction guided tour in Archipelago.