Tern (2)

Cottage for fishermen
Tiira (Tern) is a haven for true fishermen. If you can imagine no better way of spending a crisp winter morning than by heading out on the ice to fish, we have the perfect cabin for you. On the jetty by the sea, this cottage is the ideal spot to go out on an ice fishing expedition.

Fill the thermos with good strong coffee in the morning and finish the day off in a hot sauna. Grill a sausage for change and enjoy a nice refrigerated drink to wash it down with. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Equipment: Electricity, air conditioner, running cold and hot water, stove, fridge, microwave oven, coffee percolator, TV, grill, outhouse, dishes and bedclothes for two. During summer, Tiira is used by the guests of other cottages as a seaside sauna.

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